Fadi El lawand, Founder & President

As an artist exposed to various cultures, I felt that people with physical and psychological challenges symbolize both weakness and strength. While their body is weak, unable to move, or they have an obstacle to express their feelings, they constantly try to make the best of their lives.

Hence, through the art of cinema, we hope that HIFF sheds the lights on them and also puts them in harmony with the rest of the societies.


Our mission is to support those in need of help in overcoming obstacles as they integrate into society, develop their creativity, and elevate themselves to a better life. 

We plan to achieve this by attracting relevant films from around the world for the festival, and hold seminars, lectures and discussion sessions with senior directors, writers, critics, stars, filmmakers, and media professionals.

The festival plans to reach, entertain and educate the largest possible audience, regardless of religion, age, gender, skin color, nationality, language, or culture. 

Cinema lovers can follow the action via the festival’s news letter, youtube channel and its other social media channels. 

We transfer our Culture, Ideas and Movies to each Country In Europe.


Cinema with no boundaries or borders created from cultural background yet heavily inspired from the spirit of the European Union. 

We want to be the most distinct film festival that addresses the issues of people with no voice all around the world.

Our Goal

Put together a series of movies and projects that properly display our cultural heritage to all European countries. 

Especially that we are not only one of the very few film festivals that sheds the light on humanitarian issues.

Relating to people with special needs or living through unusual social situations.

But we are proud and honored to be the 1st festival with no borders that focus on a diverse number of genres.


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