Nicola Falcinella

Born in 1971 from Chiavenna. Studied at scuola di giornalismo Ifg De Martino Milano Journalist, film critic and festival programmer. Worked at Giornalista E Critico Cinematografico and As a Jury

Carmen Lebbos

Lebbos was born in Beirut to a working-class family and is a Lebanese theater, television, and film actress who has worked in film, television. Lebbos has been active since 1981;

Hani Lasheen

An Egyptian director, born on May 21, 1951. He obtained a diploma in directing at the High Cinema Institute in 1976. He worked at the beginning of his career as

Mohammad Al Mansour

Born July 9, 1948  is a Kuwaiti actor. He belongs to a family of actors. He obtained a diploma in music from the Teachers’ Institute in 1969. He studied directing

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